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23 July 2006



I love both of those poems. Thank you for sharing them today.

I have the same questions for my boys. How to make sure they know the God in whom we live and move and have our being? I pray God would speak and move in their sight. It's the only way, when I think about it really, that the actual God would encounter them directly. Then there is no absolute need for my introduction....

God is God, afterall, and makes Godself know unmistakablely at the right time. Just hang on and keep your eyes & ears & heart tuned in...

Your desire and adoration is the loudest message of all.


Oh, boy do I know what you mean. It was easier for my parents, I think, because what they taught us at home was what the Christian community was about outside the home. For us, the Christian Right is about as far away from how we want our kids to live as you can get without actually worshiping Satan (though the money-worship makes me wonder...). What do we do when we can't fully rely on the Church? This is a beautiful post. Thank you.

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