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06 September 2012



Since becoming a foster parent, and an adoptive parent, my views on "issues" have changed dramatically. We didn't think we could handle some issues. We thought we knew what we could and could not handle, but until you are faced with a particular issue whether it is behavioral or a health issue, you just don't know what you can and cannot handle.

I think that we can handle just about anything, it's just having the right mindset, and knowing how to face whatever the issue may be head on.

Great post.

Addison Cooper

"I am coming to realize that just because I don't know about a particular need doesn't mean I am not capable of helping a child with that need. There are amazing support systems to learn from and access along the way.

I'm really glad that you wrote this! I'm an adoption social worker, and I've been only in the foster care system (in the US). I love that you wrote this, and that you've been courageous enough to "learn on the fly!"



Thanks, Kelly and Addison. Each placement has resulted in us interacting with different services and navigating new systems. Some things that seemed scary at the outset are just part of our every day life now! Thanks for the comments.


Age is important for foster care adoption. But i think not particular age set for admission foster care.

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