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15 October 2012



Talk about Diversity!!! Embrace it - you are special!

I am English, born in London, raised by Israeli parents of Yemenite ethnic origin, lived in Israel for a few years, and I live in the Netherlands now (10 yrs). My husband was born in the UK, doesn't care a twat about that, to a Dutch father and Israeli mother. He grew up in Israel and the USA and has been in the Netherlands for 20+ years now. We have one child, nearly seven, who speaks 3 languages. It comes in very handy when we go travelling.

I think that it is very interesting how people react, on every side of the coin. How do you feel about your home town? Is it really "home"? Mine is not London anymore. In fact, I don't feel "at home" anywhere. It does not sadden me. Home for me is where I live. Yes, I will always be the chick from London. To my English friends now, I am the chick from the Netherlands, with funny ways of saying "Peugeot" and "IKEA"; and I say "garage" instead of "car park"!

As for language, I will always feel most comfortable working in English. I love Dutch and Hebrew, and can handle things fluently but will never dare to work in my profession in those languages (I am a lawyer). This said, I know many that do dare, and it works well. It is all about how much you dare or how much you want to do something.

My son's preference is for Dutch, which comes as no surprise as he was born here and goes to school here (I did the same as a child). I am the only person who speaks to my son in English, yet it is his second preferred language, even though more people (dad and grandma and the rest of our extended families) speak to him in Hebrew.

Conversely, he as a friend who has American parents and that child preference is for English rather than Dutch.

Is there a right or wrong way to do things as a parent? I don't think there is. Each child embraces things differently.

I think the point is that everyone is different. And that is wonderful. Who wants to be the same as everyone else?


Hi Suzi, thanks so much for commenting. I just LOVE families like yours - I am sure we could talk for hours! My parents lived in Israel off an on for several years and we have dear friends there.

Do you find that you are most comfortable in major metropolitan cities? I have a real desire to live in the country, but typically country towns lack exposure to real diversity and we stick out like a sore thumb! Big cities seem to be the best fit for us. Thanks for stopping by and being encouraging!

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