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04 December 2013



Amen to that perspective...

The school system here (the U.S.) IS ridiculously test crazy. I was helping out at school the other day when another mom was going on and on about her kids grades and how much time she spends studying with them. I started to feel bad about how lax I've been with all that we have going on, but then I realized how much the test scores really don't matter. It's not like any of these will be on a transcript... and eventually, when the test scores are, what really is most important?

You are raising AMAZING kids, who already have an extraordinary capacity to open their hearts and love... and when my kids are struggling (with school or behavior or whatever...), you are one of the moms I want to be like.

sarah b-d

I think you're a great inspirational mum too. Okay so your kids aren't perfect all the time. What a relief. It does sound like the schooling system isn't too perfect either! Come back here and you can join me in having full-on panic attacks over how to keep everyone happily occupied and still stay sane for the next 8.5 wks of Christmas holiday! Seems like a silly problem to have, and yet there it is.
Prayer is the answer. That's what I'm telling myself, because I know deep down its true. Commit all our worries and cares to the Lord and He will make our paths straight... Tell you what, I'll pray for you (that'll take my mind off my own silly problems) and if you can pray for me every so often, I'd appreciate it very much. Lots of love, Sarahx

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