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08 January 2014


Natasha Sky

My oldest daughter really enjoyed the Dear America and Royal Diaries historical fiction series, and she was partial to the stories about girls of color. All of my kids also enjoy Anne of Green Gables, including the old TV series. We have skipped the Little House on the Prairie series (although it was a favorite of my childhood) because there is just no escaping the racism against both Black and Indigenous peoples--both of which are our family's ancestors. We have a fairly robust collection of both picture and chapter books featuring characters of color, particularly Black American girls (since we have two in our family). I just keep my eyes open…particularly for second hand books at the thrift store and at library sales. In addition, most series books (particularly for girls) have at least one or two featured characters of color, and those are the books I buy for our collection (I'm thinking the Rainbow Fairy series, Cupcake Club, Babysitters' Club, and American Girl books). We've also enjoyed President of the Whole Fifth Grade, the Sugarplum Ballerinas series, Nikki and Deja books, and we loooove the Amy Hodgepodge series for its multiracial family and homeschool tie-ins. Hope this gives you some good place to start!

Best, Natasha


Thanks Natasha, I can't wait to go to the library and start reading! I haven't re-read Little House books with an adult eye, and wonder if my mother self-edited them to me when she read them growing up?

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