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22 October 2006



When Buster (19 yo now and white, bio son) was a baby I made him a rag doll with the Raggety Andy pattern you can buy. I made it with brown brushed cotton cloth for the skin and black hair, partly because that was the softest fabric I had and partly because we lived with a black woman and her daughter so being interracial was normal. Buddy Boy loves that rag doll now and it is just about wore through. I am planning to make two new rag dolls for the boys for Christmas, and will look for soft brown fabric for skin.

We have several doll in our house; brown skin and peach skin. My mom bought a brown one and I got a white one at a yard sale. So I haven't actually had to look for any in the store. It is really something that you had to go to Walmart to find a brown skinned doll. What does that say about who they see their as their clientel? I am sure I have seen AA dolls in our Target here and Toys R Us as well. Barbie, Bratz, etc. But we have a very diverse area...


Miss I loves her FP Little Mommy bathing doll who is black (and looks just like her, really, tiny teeth and all). But sadly, her current favorite is an ugly white baby doll she picked up in the dollar store!

(I was furious with Target too, as there were no aa babies here).

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