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13 September 2007


Tamara Cosby

I think I might be a bit jealous! :) That sounds amazing!!!!! I have someone who has read my blog from Australia...I love the idea of Australia...would love to live there!!!


Ah, girl. Im going to miss you...


That's very exciting! Do you know if you'll be blogging through the move or after, or will you have to give it up?


I just ran across your BLOG looking for adoption stuff...Have you worked out the Australia move stuff? My sister in law went to teacher's college in Sydney and then amrried a local buy. They just moved back to her hometown in Canada 2 years ago. It has been a major adjustment for him! Their move was very complicated because most of their stuff didn't arrive for 6 months. :( Lucky they could live with my MIL the whole time and didn't need to worry abotu IKEA deliveries. :) Have you found someone to help you with OZ info? e-mail me if you need one...lisam0451 at hotmail

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