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10 September 2007



woohoo, girlfriend!! I too am overwhelmed at the general awesomeness of the mate I've got. As you said we all have our faults but your entry made me want to make a list for MY man so that I can read it whenever I get a little out of whack about the small stuff. (mine's a hottie too :)

tamara cosby

I too was thinking I have an amazing husband! Especially after this weekend when he took care of his ENTIRE family being sick (ok...one child of four was not ill)...he was amazing and precious and I just love him!! Funny though, I grew up in Cedar Rapids where Snapper's momma lives!

did you love the zoo? We haven't renewed our membership and I was thinking about doing it again...

tamara cosby

Did I mention we have filled out paperwork to start the adoption process. I"M TERRIFIED!


Kohana - LOVE this post you wrote. I LOVE it when people are truly madly and passionately in love with their spouse. I'm like you when it comes down to bashing my man - just not into it!

Thanks for sharing this love story - I LOVED reading it!


Where'd you find him?

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