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27 September 2007


Tamara Cosby

What is your idea of the perfect day?


ooh! I like being the person on the asking end!

Maybe it is in your archives somewhere, but I am curious about why you have chosen to move to Australia?

Also, how do you think the racial/cultural mix of your family will be accepted there?

(thanks for all the flattery by the way)


(this is a good trick to get us RSS types out of our lurking ruts)

- have you found yourself continuing to avoid conversations IRL about adoption? (I think I remember you writing about difficulties with these, and that the resolution at the time seemed to be having fewer conversations about it. If I'm wrong, change the question to be how are you feeling about discussions of adoptions policies IRL?)

- Do you think that you experience more pressure to be the spokesperson on adoption for your family because you're the mom, as opposed to what the Captain feels?

- what kind of national identities do you hope your children grow up to have, if any?

yay to questions!


What music are you ashamed to admit you have on your ipod?

lillian b

what is your favorite cheese? :)


Am I too late to add a question?

How many books do you read or how much time do you spend reading in a typical week? When do you read? How do you choose what you'll read next?

You always seem to be reading such fabulous books...

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