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29 November 2007


Amie R

I vote YES!!! Oh wait...I don't have a vote in this.

B started walking 2 weeks before J showed up. We did it...somehow.

Bless our men for sticking with us!

Tamara Cosby

Ok, so I don't have a vote either but I say go for it!!! I have 4 and while it is difficult at times, you have your homestudy needing updated and that is it...I am seeing these emails about these beautiful children that need forever families and I so totally want to adopt...and we haven't even finished our preliminary paperwork...I say DO IT DO IT DO IT! you can handle it?


Wow! Just... wow!


WOW Girlfriend! I kind had a picture of how sometimes we (womanfolk)sometimes end up unexpectedly expecting and how its "awholelottacrazy" too, but awesome! I'll be praying for you guys!! woohoo!!


I would get so excited at this prospect too. I'd want to jump right into that crazy! But on the other hand, three kids under four would be a huge handful. And think if the Captain went on ahead to Oz to get things set up and you were left with a collicky infant (no sleep), an 18 month old sudden terror with an ear infection, and a three year old out to test every boundry... ACK! It could happen. Do you have a support system that would step up?

On the other (you're gonna need three) hand, if it were me I would go for it. Not to be ambavilent or anything... LOL



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