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11 May 2008



Yeah... When I found out we were having another girl, I kept thinking, 'but I don't want another Finley... she's enough!' And I had to laugh at myself as well when I remembered that they are all different, and #3 will probably be nothing like the other two.


Absolutely true. This was lovely to read on Mother's Day. Thank you! Happy Mother's Day to you!

Tamara Cosby

So true! They couldn't be any more different, it's so much fun to watch their little personalities come out as they get older! I know I love watching them grow both inside and out...I will be praying for your choices to be opened up to you.


I remember thinking the same things when I was pregnant with baby girl. I know it's kind of vain, but I remember thinking "I hope she's going to be pretty--she's a girl after all". Her brother was and still is a beautiful child. For some reason I thought that all the looks genes ran out on him. Of course she is beautiful too, and they look nothing alike. He has blonde-brown hair and brown eyes. She has red hair and blue eyes. But despite their outward appearances I could notice personality differences right away as well. It's true when someone says no two babies are alike, because mine are as different as night and day. And both are true blessings.

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