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13 May 2008


Amie R

I am CRACKING up!!! We have had the same thing go on in our house. I thought the song said, "Say it loud, I love James Brown." I have a habit of making up my own very incorrect lyrics to songs. Anyway, one day DH was singing the real lyrics and I was taken aback. I scolded him because I thought he was being silly, and then we checked out the name of the song on the CD cover and I saw that it was the actual name of the song. :) We are always rocking out to James Brown at our house, and B requests it or "Louie."

I like your change on words for the people in the fam that can't claim the black identity.

I also have had skin color conversations with B when he was learning his colors, but based on the literal shade...not the race. . He said that his skin and his Dad's skin were brown, and he identified mine as white. :( David IS more olive complected and I am very...white...in the winter. Since he has learned his colors, it hasn't come up anymore. I don't think he has a radar for the racial differences yet, and his birthparents are both dark like him. But we have J here as another brown person in the fam, so I wonder when he will pick it up. It will most likely be when his peers start asking. I too don't really plan on pointing it out to him, until he shows signs that he is ready. Hopefully we will be around other transracial families too, so he won't see our family as different for a little while longer.

I would really like to instill some other spiritual truths about who he "is", in his heart before the world gets to him. I hope to stall long enough (maybe even homeschool) until I feel he has accepted the truths that I know to be true about him. Then maybe he will be able to better filter the negative messages he hears from the rest of the world. :)


Hmmmm. . .the only conversations I have w/ my guy so far are comments like, "I love your beautiful brown skin" or "you have such pretty curly black hair," etc. Of course he's only 26 months old!

Interesting question. I remember that the book "I'm Chocolate, You're Vanilla" was great at explaining how young kids begin to understand differences in skin color and race -- and the developmental stages when different things seem to make sense to them. I need to pull it back out as B enters preschool. I thought it was a very insightful read.

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