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11 June 2008



The Answer is on it's way, and I know whichever way it goes, it will be GOOD. Seek and you shall find. We are with you in our hearts standing on tiptoe with anticipation!

Emily in Switzerland

thinking of you as you go through this process and find the answer to your questions!


This is going to be a really lame comment...but I am still trying to figure out where the 3rd child would go on the stroller. We have the same stroller, and I am about to birth my third...so help a sista out! :)


I think of you a lot more often these days. Tiffany has been with us for over two weeks, so we've had three kiddos all day every day for days and days, and it makes me think that our biological number three might be waiting to arrive (if I would just give him or her the opportunity!) Thank you for sharing your heart and for being so transparent. I really love and admire you.

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