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22 August 2008



Yours sounds like a lovely childhood.

Beloved wonders how in the world he can teach his boys to work hard because we don't live on a farm! So much of his childhood learning and character lessons were directly related to farm living. For him, and for me too, it's interesting to try to think of ways to provide the experiences we want for our kids in a different context.


Yes, and for me, growing up city and attending school, I am dreaming about raising my kids so they can spend hours exploring in the woods, having countless animals to care for, and having more time to pursue their own academic/intellectual interests... while still keeping them aware of the rest of the world.
Funny. The grass isn't greener, just very different.


As a woman trying to conceive, I wonder about these things too. I want my kids to have the freedom of country living... planting a garden, running through the woods, learning about plants and animals and daydreaming endlessly... but I also want them to have the cultural and educational opportunities of the city... and to be honest, I don't want to be driving all day to get kids from our country home to their school events and sports practices.

I'm not sure how you combine those... so I'll be watching you, and learning! :o) Hope that's okay!!!!

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