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19 August 2008



I saw a post on adoption.com about this episode and I was appalled. This sort of thing influences people negatively, and it may even be shown in Russia, where a lot of officials are trying to stop foreign adoptions.

I adopted a 13 year old girl from Russia 4 years ago. She is the light of my life, along with her 12 year old brother I adopted from Kazakhstan last year. Do they have issues? Yes. Normal kid issues and a few special ones. However, they are sweet, smart, funny kids, and they have thrived in my care. My daughter is in therapy to resolve issues related to severe neglect with her birthmom for 6 years, and abuse and neglect at the orphanage for another 6 years. She is making amazing progress.

I SO wish I could influence more people to adopt older children. The thought of my kids left in orphanages makes me want to cry.

Shame on The Closer! I already hated Kyra's fake accent in that show.

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