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05 November 2008



Congratulations! What joyful news! I pray you'll start feeling better, emotionally and physically, soon.


Congratulations (again)!! I didn't realize you were due so close to me. Happy Birthday to The Sprout, too :o) Glad baby looks good, and I'm still praying for you during this time, and so hope you begin feeling better soon.

Amie R

That's awesome! Three kids makes for a good time. It is hard t be sick with 2 toddlers though. I hope the rest of your pregnancy is easier.


Wow, big news! How awesome that a baby that far along is so active and identifiable. That must be an incredible thing to see. I'm happy for you guys and hopeful things will get easier for you from here.

I'm like you... I couldn't find peace with voting either way. With such different candidates you would think I would feel one aligned closer with my views but it didn't work that way. Last minute yesterday I decided to vote since I had some strong opinions on local propositions. I knew TX was going red with or without me anyway.

Very excited for your family!

Tonggu Momma

What a beautiful post. What beautiful news. Congratulations! And I hope you feel better soon.


Congratulations, Kohana! I've been a reader for a while and I'm glad to hear your family is still growing. I hope the sick feelings lift soon.


Congratulations!! I'm sorry you're feeling pukey... Yuck. But a baby! Hooray!

Jamie Ivey



Oh, yay!!!!!!!!!!


Congratulations on the baby on the way! wow! Hope you will be feeling better soon.

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