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10 May 2009



Wow! I continue to be in awe of the power of words! They can shift and change nations; they can shift and change the very atmosphere of our lives. This entry evokes healing, tender reflection, and simultaneously, extreme gratefulness.
I am so grateful for grace, for the opportunity that we each (myself so very much included) have in life to repent, forgive, to keep on growing, and changing; grateful for the fact that those rocky days were eclipsed long ago by good times beyond counting; grateful for all the seasons of life that lie before us, because love's harvest is unending . . .
I especially love your closing thought: "I believe it is the supreme kindness of God for me to experience such a change." In those words lies the essence of the entire gospel. Thank You for this beautiful post.
And I just realized I just read this and am writing back on----Wednesday! =D I raise my bowl of cereal in tribute to Wednesdays, and propose that we find a way to preserve this great tradition !! XO


Oh, my. I just breezed through post 1 and post 2 and when I got midway through this post, I slowed down. By the end, I was in tears. So beautiful. So, so beautiful.

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