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04 May 2009



Thanks for writing when you do. Of course you'll be extra super busy once the baby is born, but I'm planning on hanging around to read whatever you're available to write!

I know it's hard to write anything sometimes, and especially adoption related stuff. I appreciated what you wrote a few days ago about being uneasy with the "fate/God intended you for us" idea. I didn't comment at the time because I wasn't sure what to say other than, "Yeah, I'm not sure about that either." But just so you know, I love reading how you think over that kind of issue. And just hearing about your life and family in general is fun too.

Best wishes for your delivery and the adjustment to being a family of five!


Im reading!! I love how you articulate your thoughts and feelings on whatEVER topic. Its my one sided cup of tea with you!

I can't believe its only 2-1/2weeks until he is here! Technically any day now right?

I miss you terribly. Im still scheming, though right now, my perfect timing probably puts me right in the middle of your crazy Aussie summer! We shall see! I will not give up!

though this blog may be quiet for a while, I am sure you will have new things to say! Whether about parenting or other observations!


Ditto to caro's "one-sided cup of tea with you" sentiments, and I look forward to those tea times as if they were my favorite triple creamy spice chai latte's!! Of course there will be lags and evolutions, but I vote 10X for continuing to sharing your "journal" (yes, I know it's public, but you have a way of unpacking thoughts with words that feels very personal) with all of us who love being allowed peeks into what is happening both in your home, in your head and in your heart. THANKS for the three years you've given us.


I'm still a regular reader. Although I don't know of anything that's actually "regular" in my life right now. I'll often go a couple weeks without reading and then read three or four in a row. I love how your experiences have shaped my life and my perceptions. You do have a way of unpacking thoughts with words that feels very personal. I couldn't have said it better, so I won't try. :0) I love reading your stuff. LOVE IT.


I am a one-sided 'voyeur' as well! As an excellent author you give me a chance to peek into your heart! Thank you for letting me know you! And even if you would write about nothing, I would enjoy your writing-skill! Love you!


I am thinking about you a lot these days and wondering how you are doing. I will always be reading, as long as you are writing! Take care my friend.

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