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26 July 2009



Oh, I wish you could bring him to Pact camp to meet his transracially adopted "brothers" and allies!!

We just finished another awesome one. http://bit.ly/3nB7uR


"Here in Sydney there is an African population, but not really a cohesive presence of African Americans..."

I wonder about this term, "African Americans..."
There, are they called "African Australians?"
What is the culturally "accepted" terminology?
Just curious!


Susan, I would love to come to Pact camp! We'll have to look into it. Do you have many families come from abroad to participate?

Lillian - what I mean is that there are African Americans who live here, but they tend to live scattered as opposed to immigrants from Africa who live here and maintain a community solidarity. African Americans would just be called Americans here and Australians with African heritage would just be called Australians. Australians don't tend to categorize groups of people like Americans do. They may refer to someone as Chinese, South African, French, etc, as a descriptor of that person, but they don't distinguish people groups within the population (from my experience). The exception would be distinguishing Aboriginal Australians. Again, just my experience.

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