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04 October 2009



Oh, wow! That's looks awesome. I can't wait to start over again and do things in a better and more thoughtful way...

By the way, I don't know if you would be able to find a copy there, but I just picked up a book called 'The Wild Braid: a poet reflects on a century in the garden' by Stanley Kunitz. The few pages I've read are wonderful.


I was recently sharing about the "two best jobs I've ever had"--being an arborist and working in a garden center. What is it about dirt under fingernails and sweat on the brow that is so satisfying?? Glad you're enjoying turning the soil down there. Love!


Thanks for sharing all this fun; I am looking forward to a photo in a few months of the abundance that will crowd that space!

I most of all LOVED your closing description---YES, YES, you so found the words for something that feels sacred every time I experience it, and that is the stillness outside when it is drizzling or raining, especially on a very dreary day or toward dusk, and like you said, everyone else is inside barricading themselves from the dreariness. There is something about being out in all that quiet freshness that feels like a most intimate communion with the Maker of it all.

I've never heard anyone describe that feeling. Thank you.


I recognize the hat, and it surely got an upgrade! Useful not only for snow! I myself am thankful for yhe lecture in gardening I got, analphabete that I am on the subject. You really make me belief I missed something in life!!!

Andromeda Jazmon

This is a great post. I'm happy for you with your new garden. Friends gave me kale and eggplants this fall and I am loving trying some new recipes. Yummy!

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