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20 January 2010



We saw Up! in the theater, and I bawled like a big baby through the majority of it. Mea kept asking me, what's wrong, Mama? As soon as it came out on video, I had to buy it, at least now I can get through it without the tears.

Adopting again has been on my mind a lot lately too. I keep thinking, we need to get our home study updated, and just keep it that way just in case. Just in case. You never know.

Amie R.

I am in the same place with adoption. Feeling REALLY uncomfortable not having a home study completed right now. I am beginning to think that I may be losing my mind. In june we will have 4 children 4 and under. Seriously, will this desire ever go away. My poor husband!


How exciting! I can see how it would be somewhat terrifying as well... But mostly very thrilling to wonder what plans may be in store for your family.

How do you find the darn guide points? I feel like I'm constantly trying to rub my eyes clear so I can see the cloud or pillar that I know is supposed to be there.

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good to know it... thanks

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