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03 July 2010


Wendy Knight

If the Odyssey has a better resale value, then you can always sell it when you need to, right? Holding onto it until Small Son is a high school soccer player would be pretty extreme...

Amie R.

I love our Odyssey and I mean love it. It does seat 8, but with carseats, that is not going to happen anyway. If we are to actually have the number of kids I have in my head, we will also have to get another car. I say go for what works now and then reassess your needs later. Who knows, maybe you are going to need a bigger car than what you have envisioned for yourself.


7 vs 8 seats isn't a big difference, especially with carseats in there somewhere. Having the seats fold down in the back is a big deal-- much easier to travel/pack when it's just the five of you (for now).

Glad you got to meet Small Son's family! Sounds pretty awesome!


We just got back from a camping vacation, where if we hadn't had fold down seats in my car I know I'd have never gotten everything home. We brought both of our vehicles, mini van with seats removed, and my suv...my husband had to leave unexpectedly (stupid work emergency), and I had to get all of our camping gear home. I shoved the big kids off on my parents, and put all the seats down around Mea's one seat, to stow all the gear.

Seats down, wins hands down, over 1 extra seat!

Stelle Courney

Planning for the future could really be pretty emotional, especially if you're going for a good buy. But think about practicality, and your satisfaction, too. And you said it yourself, you wouldn't mind changing in the near future. So, the question is, what would answer for your needs NOW?

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