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17 June 2011


Wendy Knight

Thank God you didn't get the cat house! He knew a fixer-upper wouldn't have been a good thing for you right now in all the craziness. :)


Congrats on the new house! Amazing how things work out sometimes. Snuggle that sweet little baby! An awesome way to get a good baby fix in.


I love how your last post was a simple settling down and waiting for the call. Well, it's a good thing you did; when "the call" came, it came loud and clear. Sooo happy for you, and praying!!


Congratulations on the house. It sounds like you're going to be very busy.

Gloria Vanderheyden

Oh congrats! It's usually hard to go house-shopping. There's always he says versus she says, and the kids' say in the matter (although priority opinion goes to the parents). You should post some pictures to celebrate!

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