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02 January 2012



I really struggled with the idea of leaving our placements when we had to go out of town, too. Thank goodness for us "going out of town" meant travelling from Iowa to Illinois.

When we took our first foster placement, my Aunt had been diagnosed with brain cancer about a month before, and where she had normally come to us for holidays, we had to go to her. At the last minute after not being able to find a respite family for our foster son, they approved last minute that he could go with us to Illinois for Thanksgiving.

He went home in April, we chose not to take any foster placements for a short time, and then got the call for a direct adoptive placement for Mea. When my Aunt passed a month after Mea came home, we had to get permission again, for her to travel with us.

Although, we may have been able to have her go to a respite care, after a month of her being home, I couldn't do it. Truthfully, having her there with us was a good distraction, it was so overwhelmingly emotional.

I hope that things continue to go smoothly for all of you and Baby. Any chance for permanent placement? Or is that even something that you would consider? I know things are much different there than they are here.


Thanks for the openness, it means so much!


You should write a book. At least one.

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