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17 January 2013



Wow! I'm a long-time reader, and rarely comment. But this is huge news. Even as strong as your family is, the sudden addition of a first parent has to shake your world up. We've had no contact whatsoever with our son's first father, and I know it would definitely cause joy/ shock/ fear/ upheaval if he turned up when my son is SmallSun's age. Iest of luck to your family as you navigate these uncharted waters!

Alice Anne

I have struggled with how to eventually explain to our son that his birth father wanted nothing to do with him. Stories like this give me a little hope that it won't always be this way and maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised one day. We'd then have to tread carefully, I'm sure. But any contact would be better than no contact ever. At this point I would just be happy with a picture of his birth dad. :/ Adoption can be so tricky. Good luck with finding the right words to say. And yay for contact! That really is happy news, even if it brings with it more murky adoption waters. Heh.


Sweet sis,

I'm in the same boat perhaps as some. Although I read this right after you posted, the gravity kept me from responding immediately. I can only imagine what it is for you.

Despite how hard it must be, and a struggle to determine what is best for Small Sun, I applaud you wholeheartedly for your honesty with him. Although it is all new territory, your research, wisdom and insight I'm sure of, even if you aren't at the moment. I imagine that even though parts of this process will be painful, Small Sun will be grateful as he grows older that he was aware of each aspect of the situation. By giving him knowledge, you are empowering him to navigate his emotions and his situation, which is and will continue to be an invaluable tool throughout his life, one that I'm sure he will always be grateful for.

I continue to be impressed by you and your navigation of an ever-challenging aspect of your lives. I know sometimes it's hard to see how fabulously you're doing, but it's not lost on the rest of us.

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