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22 April 2013



I have read several articles about these failed adoptions from Liberia. So sad.

I tend to think that there are some families who do adopt because it is trendy in their church. It is hard to believe that people would do this, but I have seen it first hand. The church that my husband and I used to attend had many families who had adopted from foster care, including the pastor and his wife, they have adopted five children from foster care.

There were many sermons specifically about adoption.

Recently in our city their was a case where a husband and wife were arrested for beating their children who had been adopted via foster care. They were very prominent members of this church.

It is sad. I still pray that the church's focus on adoption, and the many members who were/are foster/adopt parents became foster/adopt parents because it was the right fit for the children, and for their family, and not to be trendy or to get recognized within the church for doing so.


Wow, Kelly, that is so sad. I think being in Australia, where adoption is so rare, nearly impossible, and crazy expensive, has become my "norm". The Together for Adoption conference I attended was basically about moving people's hearts to do something on behalf of children in need, because adopting here is really not a very realistic possibility for many people. I forget how accessible is can be in America, and that people actually could make it through the process without having their intentions and abilities thoroughly vetted. I was so aware of that while living in the U.S., but it seems to impossible from this side of the water.

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