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08 April 2014



Glad to hear your day was filled with loveliness!


Happy Birthday from one of your very most enthusiastic followers.

Susan Langager

Happy Happy Birthday sweet girl! I LOVE reading your blog and am terribly excited for you and your new adventure! I think the business you are creating is amazing and perfect for you! Love and blessings to you on your birthday. May this be a year FULL of joy and laughter and fun and family and growth and depth and love! Love, Suz


You = fantastic!! I am not good at keeping up with blogs. But I read this one and I am so glad I did because I get to wish fantastic you a fantastic birthday!! I love that you are passionate about your work. It is contagious and inspiring. Love, Tara (in TN)

mel baxter

I love reading your blogs. It's the next best thing to having coffee and a chat with you. Love hearing about your life, your thoughts and your heart. You are one of my favorites. Keep writing precious friend. One day we'll be famous and have pen names and everything . xx
Melle (of Green Gables)

Dyana Clark

My dear sweet friend, happy happy birthday! I love your posts, they are always filled with comfort! I bet it is so hard leaving what feels like home. I hope this year brings joy and the many fond memories! Love ya! -Dyana


All the way from CT, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love your gardens, they are absolutely adorable! You MUST come East next winter and we will go to the NY botanical gardens and their "train" show. The most unbelieveable teeny tiny landscapes. I love you seeing you be so creative, such a lovely, lovely gift to us all!


Inspiring! Happy Birthday! - Marianna in TN


Happy happy birthday! What a lovely day it sounded, and it makes my heart so happy to hear how you were embracing it. What a rich thing, to have a real April birthday back stateside where everything is eagerly pushing towards growth and life, helping you celebrate your amazing life.
To one of my heroes, I love you so much!

Sarah Buckle-Dykes

That was a fantastic birthday post - filled with inspiration and creativity and a love and zest for life, with all of the hopes, challenges, nourishing and fulfilment it brings.. Even the comments from your friends are fantastic! I think of you every time I drive past a beautiful bottlebrush or spy a vintage towel in an op shop or even a great decorating idea on the web. Thanks for sharing so much of your self and the richness of your life. Lots of love, Sarah B-D (Sydney).


Happy Birthday! Love those containers - it's giving me inspiration to make something more of my container gardening attempts this year. --Geochick, from CO


Another birthday hug..Love your unique creativity! May it increase and increase and increase...


Happy birthday! I've enjoyed your writing since we were both semi newly adoptive moms. Your gardens are beautiful. What a great business idea!

Amanda in WA USA


Happy Birthday Darling! Love your photos and all the green!


Happy belated!

I have chocolate mint and spearmint in my herb garden, but I've never heard of apple mint! I will have to look out for some to try! And I can't wait to hear how things go for you in the auctions.

Glad I can say I am one of your new friends with a morning date on the calendar soon :)


Happy Belated Birthday Kohana! Hate to see your end to class but excited to see what grows for you and to keep in touch!

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