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25 August 2014



Is it not an inexplicable emotion that clings to our experience of the earthy and natural beauty of a place? People and friendships are the greatest treasures anywhere, but there is something of the glow of the air at midnight during the "white nights" of June in St. Pete, or the flitting of tiny sparrows over the wild grasses on the Kinnerett hillsides, or the scent of moss and ferns on the paths around the Bras'd'Or, etc., that goes deep in the soul and these also are precious treasures in the heart that cause our roots to go deep.


Fat tears started rolling down my face when I read this. I am missing "home" but I know with time, this will become home once again. Australia has that funny way of getting under your skin, becoming a part of your marrow... The other day, I woke early due to my little guys' jet lag. While not the happiest to be up so early, my disappointment quickly changed to delight as I watched the sun rise over the lake and listened to the sound of the morning doves that are reminiscent so much of the south. I've always loved that sound. I started pondering the sounds of the birds that woke me in the early morning in Australia. When I first arrived, the sounds of the cockatoos, lorikeets, miners, and gullas seemed so loud first thing in the morning. How could people possibly sleep with the racket they created outside? It took friends visiting a year later for me to realize that I had become accustomed to those sounds. Our guests off handedly commented on the early morning racket and I realized that I had grown so accustomed to those bird calls that they didn't wake me any longer. They became less of a racket a more of a sound that I longed for and appreciated. The early morning and late afternoon kookaburra was one of my favorites.

Today my mother in law was having a tough afternoon. I offered to make her a cup of tea despite the heat of the day. I realized that reaction was totally "Aussie". I hope I never stop doing that.....

Sarah Buckle-Dykes

Agh I feel like crying about both of you! You are missed by so many over here - and school is just not the same without you and your kids!
However, it is good to know that roots are being put down, and that slowly, but surely, you're starting to feel like you can be at home again, in new places. Just as we might think of you over a hot cup of tea and a noisy bird outside :-) , it's nice to know you think of us over the sameā€¦ Much love xx

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