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22 August 2014



Beautiful words to comfort while so much turmoil stirs about us.

And also...

"Too soon my angel".
You have only just crashed into the luxury of your own time. I often feel guilt at doing nothing, when actually that is all I am good for. After I do all that nothing, resting, sleeping, milling about, feasting, am I in earnest myself, and refreshed and capable of doing the things that I love and make me, me. Savor the laze, dear, and your fervor will be upon you in no time.

Glad to have you back, everyday at work first thing in the morning I click to see if you've blogged, and it's lovely to hear from you.

Sarah Buckle-Dykes

I too have found the present world turmoil has left me with little words and thoughts that seem relevant, or grave enough. I haven't blogged in weeks, because the fear of sounding trite or shallow when people are suffering is enough to make me avoid sitting at my laptop indefinitely.
It is a wondrous relief to know the Lord is all powerful. I pray your family life will continue to settle into a comfortable rhythm and that He will show you new paths that challenge and encourage and inspire. Thanks again for sharing. xx

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